Scripture Union report highlights family as essential focus


Since launching The 95 Campaign almost twelve months ago, Scripture Union has been trialling and evaluating many new types of mission amongst children and young people across England and Wales. A full report from that period will be available soon but in the meantime, SU has shared some key findings from preliminary evaluations, and Kids Matter is particularly encouraged by insight focusing on ‘responding to the needs of the community’:

“We can’t overestimate the importance of researching and understanding the context. The socioeconomic status of the area had significant implications on the mission’s timings, location, duration and level of parental involvement.

Missions that addressed the needs of the families as well as children were often able to maintain long-lasting relationships.

Missions that were responding to social local needs were also often given opportunities to extend their reach and received support from external agencies.

Many localities had pockets of poverty but community missions frequently connected with only one group – either the affluent or the deprived. Few activities connected with both groups; the ones that did tended to be educational or specialist interest.”

To read the rest of the preliminary findings, CLICK HERE: 95 Campaign Preliminary Key Findings.

Photo Credit: Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

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