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Blue Sky Fostering raises money for Kids Matter

Last weekend, a gutsy team of staff, foster carers and young people from Blue Sky Fostering took part in the Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge to raise money for Kids Matter.

Blue Sky Fostering raises money for Kids Matter

Last weekend, a gutsy team of staff, foster carers and young people from Blue Sky Fostering took part in the Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge to raise money for Kids Matter.

Katie is cycling 100 miles for Kids Matter…again!

Katie talks us through the highs and lows of long-distance cycling, and shares what motivates her to keep going when it’s tough!

Children Heard & Seen and Kids Matter come alongside families impacted by parental imprisonment

To make a real and lasting difference in the lives of children with a parent in prison, it’s essential that we work together. When we pool our knowledge and resources the impact can be so much greater.  

Kids Matter online

We’ve seen Whatsapp groups thrive during online programmes as parents rally around one another as they have bad days or exciting behaviour breakthroughs with their kids.

Why early intervention matters

More than 600 mentally ill children a week are deteriorating to such a state that they have reached crisis point. Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) are struggling to meet the need, with many children stuck on a waiting list for around five months. Could Kids Matter have a role to play in early intervention support for children and families?

New research shows importance of franchising for Christian organisations responding to poverty in the UK

Social franchising has provided the opportunity for organisations to gather local data on the causes and existence of poverty in the UK and to use this data for national campaigning, including to influence national UK government policymaking.

Change starts with us: overcoming racial barriers in the workplace

“Being awake and aware of my own prejudices and behaviours as well as welcoming and celebrating diversity and making room for it is where I want to get to personally and in my role as Executive Director of Kids Matter, a charity that says it exists to see every child in need raised in a strong family.”

10 family Christmas traditions that cost nothing but time

Creating memorable Christmas traditions doesn’t have to be expensive. The best memories are made when we feel connected to the people we love. Read more for 10 fun family activities that are sure to make the festive season really special for the children in our lives…

Family celebrating Christmas

Why family traditions build strong relationships

All that we consider important (our values and beliefs) are brought to life through the traditions in our families, whether it’s planning an event, cooking a special meal, or celebrating a birthday. These types of activities are opportunities for children to connect with their family history, culture, and heritage, fostering a sense of identity and belonging.

New report outlines solutions for child poverty crisis

In the face of insurmountable pressure, vulnerable children and young people find themselves increasingly isolated. Yet, amidst this challenging landscape, a beacon of hope remains clear: the critical role of support services accessed by these households.

CAP and Kids Matter come alongside families together

By pooling knowledge and expertise, partnerships can provide a wider range of services and support, from education and healthcare to social services, parenting, and job training. This multi-pronged approach ensures that families receive tailored assistance, breaking down barriers and promoting sustainable change.

Happy child smiling

Why I ran a half-marathon for Kids Matter: Karen’s story

I ran, walked, cried and sweated – giving up altogether at least twice, starting again – to get up to speed to be able to do this. And now I have, and I am also proud to have raised money for Kids Matter.

Our first Great River Race – we did it!

Thank you to all who cheered us on and sponsored our rowing team so generously in support of our vision to see every child in need raised in a strong family.

Why parent support could see an increase in school attendance

A great deal of pressure is placed on Headteachers and classroom teachers to cajole children into school when, in reality, the people with the greatest amount of influence in a child’s life are their parents and carers. One way to relieve the burden on schools to keep child numbers up is to support parents who are struggling to send their children to school.

Why the Great River Race is more than just a race for Kids Matter

On Saturday 16 September, Kids Matter will be taking part in London’s Great River Race for the first time. As much as this is an incredible (and fun!) fundraising opportunity to support our vision to see every child in need raised in a strong family, the race route itself has deep significance for us as an organisation.

Meet Keren – our Partnership Manager in Merseyside

“Liverpool has been voted as one of the UK’s friendliest cities and is now my home. Yet the high highs can mask some low lows. We have many needs as a region and we also have amazing people joining together to help support those who need it.” 

Kids Matter to row in London’s Great River Race!

On Saturday 16 September, Kids Matter will be taking part in London’s Great River Race for the first time. Find out how you can get involved!

Find out more about our new partnership with Liverpool’s Imagine If

We recently caught up for a Q&A with James Sloane, Chief Executive of Imagine If, to hear all about the work they do in Liverpool.

Why giving monthly makes the biggest impact

According to The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019 report, people who give monthly are thought to provide charities with 440% more financial return over their lifetime than one-off donors. Wow!

Why focusing on parental wellbeing in the first 1001 days can improve a child’s outcomes

What makes Babies Matter unlike many other traditional ante/postnatal support is that the emphasis isn’t just on how to look after a baby but rather takes a bigger picture look at the factors that will influence outcomes for that child, including parental wellbeing and the relationship between those actively involved in parenting.

Babies Matter has officially launched!

Babies Matter is a 6-week parenting programme for new and expectant parents who are facing disadvantages. Run by a trained peer facilitator, the programme aims to help parents to lay the foundations needed in order to raise their children in a strong family.

How we spend your money

It’s important to us that our supporters know that we’re spending our funding wisely – we want to be transparent about how we use your donations to reduce the impact of poverty on children in need.

Why give to Kids Matter?

Kids Matter gets to the heart of the issue. Research has shown that improving the parent-child relationship has the greatest influence on reducing the impact of poverty on children. The most effective early intervention to help strengthen families (and help children) is group-based parenting programmes.

Teachers say nearly half of children are not ready to start school – why?  

Teachers cite ‘lack of state, community and peer support for parents’ as key factors impacting the capacity of parents to prepare their children for school. 

Why give to charity when cost of living is high?

We’re in the midst of a cost of living crisis and giving away money might seem counter intuitive to making sure we’re spending within our means and living responsibly. The thing is, charities fill a gap that public services cannot (because of budget cuts) and if they lose their funding, society will foot the bill.

Why we rely on generous giving

Charities exist because society and the government can’t support everyone, even with the best of intentions. Those who are vulnerable or face disadvantages can go unnoticed. Our mission is to reduce the impact of poverty on children in need but we can only do this with the help of generous giving.

Kids Matter Impact Report 2022 – Hope in Crisis

2022 was challenging, marked by the cost of living crisis and the aftermath of Covid-19, with massive strain placed on many families who were already struggling to get by. Yet as the need increased, so too did our impact.

Partnering with Edinburgh City Mission

Edinburgh City Mission is an organisation that shares our heart for seeing children raised in strong families, and we are pleased to be working in partnership to encourage and equip churches in Edinburgh to serve their communities.

How to stay connected when working remotely

We know that people are motivated to be the best they can be when they are connected, confident, valued and motivated. All our processes and technologies, as well as our team culture, enable us to connect with our strengths, cope under pressure and meet challenges head on.

Children in the North most vulnerable to cost of living crisis

Poverty is the key driver of inequalities between children in the North and the rest of the country. We now have over 10 partners in the North and partners in Yorkshire, Merseyside and County Durham for the first time, and are hoping to grow to meet the need in these areas.

How to make your ‘warm space’ accessible to all

Research shows that if you’ve experienced prolonged periods of stress, your ability to deal with everyday events can be impacted. Hypervigilance can lead to a mismatched response in a safe environment because our brains are struggling to work out if someone is safe, dangerous or life threatening.

Pre- and post-natal support for mums more critical than ever

They say it takes a village to raise a child…not just one or two parents. If the entire community takes part in raising children (through support, friendship and empathy), parents will feel less isolated, less stressed, and happier, enabling mums and dads to invest in relationships with their children, in spite of their circumstances.

How cost of living impacts parenting

Living in times of crisis can shake us to our core, but there is also a chance for humanity to radiate the best parts of its nature – to be creative, compassionate and generous. What better time than now?

How building a strong family reduces the impact of poverty

Having a stable and supportive family, whatever form that takes, can determine a child’s future success. Children with happy families do better in their exams, go on to get better jobs, and have higher hourly income at the age of 25. Family can insulate us from life’s adversity and challenges.

Kids Matter joins Warm Welcome Campaign

Our vision of seeing every child in need raised in a strong family is as relevant now as it has ever been, and we are pleased to get behind a national campaign that will help make a local difference.

Hope amidst the cost of living crisis

Many of our Kids Matter families will be waving goodbye to their children as they start the new school year amidst the stress of mounting financial pressure. We need hope and to focus on what can help.

New Kids Matter research published

New research led by Dr Eli Gardner, provides preliminary evidence for the effectiveness of Kids Matter. 

Food Insecurity: What does it mean to be hungry?

It’s one thing seeing hunger on the street or knowing it’s across the road in that house over there but what does hunger – real, raw hunger – feel like?

Kids Matter turns 5!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us with time, prayer and financially for the last five years – we are grateful and would not be here, working alongside children and families, without you.

Kids Matter on the go!

It’s been a busy June for our Partnership Engagement Team who’ve been on the go, sharing our vision alongside some other great charities looking to impact children and families facing disadvantages.

Annual Gathering 2022: Dare To Dream

We must all work together: churches, charities, the statutory sector to wrap around families in poverty to equip them with what they need for their children to thrive.

Infant mental health – what is it?

The way we, as parents or carers, interact with our babies shapes the architecture of their brain. This might feel like a huge responsibility on the one hand but what a wonderful opportunity on the other.

Cycling 100 miles for Kids Matter

I wanted this ride to be more than just a fun challenge for myself but also a way to raise money for Kids Matter.

Putting families at the heart of the criminal justice system

Meaningful family ties are vital for preventing prisoner reoffending (reoffending rates are 39% lower for a prisoner who receives visits from a partner or family member during their sentence than for a prisoner who does not receive such visits).

No Childhood Should Be Defined By Poverty (JRF 2022 Poverty Report)

We need coordinated commitment, effort and action on the intersecting issues and challenges identified in this report. This can turn back the tide of poverty, and offer security for the many people experiencing hardship across the UK.

How community can help children thrive

Community might not be the answer to poverty but it is the answer to isolation, and for people who don’t want to be reached, who might be living in the throes of shame, depression or frustration, we have to make sure that they don’t fall through the gap—that we rally alongside one another to encourage and nurture community-spirited relationships. We have seen the difference this can make…

How Kids Matter challenges poverty by reducing its impact on children

This week is #ChallengePovertyWeek in England & Wales. We see, first hand, the effects of poverty on families, and recognise that confident parenting plays an important part in reducing its impact on children.

ACEs, poverty & parenting: how Kids Matter equips parents to raise children in strong families

Drawing families out of seclusion and into community is of one of the ways that children who are struggling with ACEs can be noticed and prescribed some of the support they so desperately need in order to flourish in life.

Research highlights the positive role of nature in supporting children’s wellbeing

The impact of nature in children’s wellbeing is increasingly understood and valued by experts and health professionals, and is supported by many recent studies.

Why community is important to confident parenting

The recently published Pillars of Community report by the Centre for Social Justice is a response to a perceived disintegration of community in our country as well as an investigation into how to enable communities to thrive, something that is important to the success of our Kids Matter parenting programme.

Remembering parents this Mental Health Awareness Week

As Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close, we take the chance to celebrate conversation and acknowledge that parenting is hard and support is essential.

Stepping into community: The Church is not alone

With the past year having brought such pain and created such need, stepping over the threshold (literal or psychological) and showing support, encouragement and grace to those around us is more important than ever.

How Covid-19 prison lockdown has affected children with a parent in prison

Research suggests that children’s anxiety about their imprisoned parent has increased as a result of lack of contact during the Covid-19 pandemic, making support for these families all the more critical.

Reflections on Mother’s Day

For some of us, we naturally form groups with our friends, but for millions of mothers in this country who are alone – possibly parenting without a partner or in a small flat on an estate – Kids Matter groups set in local contexts, around tea and cake with a small group of parents, are a lifeline.

Supporting families during a pandemic – Kids Matter Impact Report 2020

Despite many barriers, we were still able to reach 508 children in need over the year, equipping their parents with the skills needed to build a strong family. Read our Impact Report for more details and stories of how Kids Matter has made a difference in 2020.

A Christmas message From Eli and looking to 2021

Eli Gardner (KM Co-Founder and Executive Director) shares why 2020 has been a year of hope amidst what can easily be described as chaos and tragedy…

Parents must look after themselves to give their children the best chance

A majority of parents are likely to put the needs of their children before their own even though research shows we need to look after our own wellbeing in order to best look after our children.

Norfolk police leader offers a steer to churches

Great to see Kids Matter mentioned in this community article, as an organisation that can help the church support families.


We need joined up, thoughtful working out now of a combination of both digital and relational input to ensure all children have their needs met and in particular the most vulnerable amongst them.


It could be quite easy to turn inwards, managing our own turmoil as we figure out how to do “different” in whatever context that might be. And many of us have done just that.


The the challenges facing disadvantaged children and families is much more front and centre, and will only continue to become so as the crisis is prolonged.


Six months after lockdown, facts and figures are emerging as research reports on the aftermath of lockdown, and what we know is that what was an already fragile situation for many vulnerable children in our country, is now worse.

Why Covid-19 has not treated children equally

New research reveals that Covid-19 and lockdown have had a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable and marginalised in society.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the impact of Covid-19 

One does not have to think too hard to imagine the psychological impact of pre-existing familial trauma exacerbated by a situation where fraught relationships have no room to breathe.

Children are suffering. What can we do?

Many of our partner churches are asking us how they can reach families when the need is overwhelming. And what if families don’t engage? We don’t have all the answers but we do have some ideas that we have seen working in communities.

Interparental conflict in a pandemic

It’s absolutely critical for individuals and services to acknowledge the impact that today’s current climate might have on parental relationships (and in turn, children) because, more than ever, families will need support.

How to help children manage feelings of anger

Helping children to manage their anger is often one of the biggest parenting challenges but childhood is the perfect time to help them develop skills to cope with life’s inevitable frustrations.

When parents fight does it matter?

Research tells us that when conflict between the couple is heated and hostile, involves verbal insults, is physically aggressive or seems to threaten the stability of the family, then it can have negative consequences for the child.

Why looking after ourselves will bring out the best in our children

If our children think they are all we have, and that they are responsible for how happy we are, then they will be unable to leave, be independent and flourish in the world.

Ten fun family activities that require limited resources

Playing with our children is essential for bonding. Remember: for children, love is spelled T-I-M-E! So involving then in any activity with us will remind them they are loved.

Five reasons why interventions in prison are important

Parent-child contact from the confines of a prison cell is sporadic but don’t underestimate the impact that a parent can have on a child even if conversation is by phone and visitation is regulated.

How to fight poverty in your community

Living in poverty is stressful, draining, tiring and depressing – emotions that take energy away from the important task of being an intentional and interactive parent.

Why The Church?

Our parenting programme has no religious affiliation and yet we believe that the best way to help families and children with our parenting programme is through the church. Why?

Inter-parental conflict and poverty in Tower Hamlets

CPAG’s new report offers insight into the experiences of families on universal credit in Tower Hamlets – an invaluable resource for those hoping to support vulnerable children all around the country.

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

Childhood trauma is not something you just get over as you grow up and can have real, tangible effects on the development of the brain.

Could parent-led community networks be the solution to loneliness in parenting?

Research says that more than half of parents feel lonely, and more than half attribute problems with low self-confidence to feelings of loneliness.

It’s not how much money is being spent on children, it’s what it’s being spent on

A new report on public spending on children has revealed that that, overall, the budget has been broadly resilient over the last 20 years. Why then, are an increasing number of vulnerable children going unnoticed and unsupported?

Running my first Kids Matter parenting programme

Running a Kids Matter programme is hard work but also great fun – you get out what you put in.

New Report highlights the need for strengthening family relationships in UK prisons

Greater emphasis needs to be given to the importance of prisoner relationships with their children. There exists a high correlation between having a father in prison and sons offending in the future.

Fix family, fix society – is it really that simple?

Family breakdown costs society £51 billion (2018), which is more than the UK’s entire defence budget.

Why strengthening families could be the answer to knife crime

If we agree with the evidence to suggest that family breakdown has a part to play in criminality, surely prioritising family health and wellbeing has to be part of the solution?

Why Kids Matter helps us be the best parents we can be, no matter the context

Fuzz Dix talks about how sharing Kids Matter with a group of foster carers opened her eyes to the needs of her own children, as well as those of her foster child.

Could social prescribing be the answer to budget cuts?

More and more it seems that councils are going to have to turn to the voluntary sector in their efforts to intervene early so that families are strengthened before they reach crisis point.

Urban kids, rural adventures

For many of the children attending our holiday club, getting muddy, climbing trees, running in fields, and feeding animals, is way outside their regular experience. 

Research draws attention to link between poverty and the breakdown of family relationships

Changes in income and poverty status are also linked closely with maternal depression, and stats show that problems in families increase when low-income families suffer stress, such as absence of a supportive partner, depression or drug use.

Childhood Vulnerability report reveals hundreds of thousands of children aren’t getting the help they need

An estimated 2.1 million of England’s 11.8 million children are living in families with risks so serious that they need some level of help.

Children need stability to do well in life

The Children’s Commissioner Stability Index 2018 highlights the necessity of a stable home life for children living in care but equally, for any child.

The relationship between parenting and poverty

Thirty-one per of parents on lower incomes have skipped a meal so that their children could eat during the school holidays.

Kids Matter Wins Award!

Kids Matter is pleased have won the SILVER AWARD for Best Replicable Project at the Christian Funders’ Forum Awards.

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