Maya’s Story

Maya’s Story

How did you hear about Kids Matter?

Lucy (my Family Support Manager) at Safe Families.

Why did you want to do the programme?

To help with the kids’ behaviour. My son was answering back a lot and bossing his brother around.

What did you take away the most from the programme?

Some strategies for keeping them calm. My eldest was bossing his brother around a lot; like he was his dad. Time out wasn’t working so instead, I got down to my son’s level and talked with him; to understand why he thought it was a good idea do that. Kids Matter helped me understand and not feel as angry and to value their feelings. It helped me realise he needs to know his role as big brother so we’ve talked about it together since.

How has Kids Matter impacted your parenting?

I’m more patient and able to relate to others with their kids. I’ve realised I’m not on my own – having similar struggles as other parents. Other programmes are about the average child whereas at Kids Matter I felt understood.

What would you say to a friend who was interested in coming along?

I would definitely recommend people give it a go. I was worried it would be like all the other parenting courses that tell you what to do but it’s not the same as all the others. It’s not your average parenting course as it’s more about listening to our experiences and gives more room for our say; we’re valued. No matter what it was, our experience was validated. One thing I liked is that the leaders shared their experience as well – sometimes I forgot they were leading the course! I didn’t feel judged. Instead, I came out of each session feeling refreshed. The course being online was wicked! It really suited me.

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