Samantha’s Story

Samantha’s Story

I trained as a facilitator but I am also a mother and I learnt so much whilst doing the programme myself, and whilst taking people through it. There were so many things that popped out to me that I hadn’t thought of before… and some stuff that was quite sad. Like, I didn’t enjoy “that” from my mum but I’m doing the same thing! Sad is OK though because when we look at it, we can kind of change it and break through it.

Before Kids Matter, I wasn’t too knowledgeable on how stability can come from having boundaries. The way I was parented was different. So, like to be firm, with boundaries, rather than just like, “Hey, let’s have ice cream for breakfast.” Now I have a clearer idea of what my baby needs to really flourish.

It’s great fun to connect with other parents that are going through the same thing because this thing called parenting is not what we expect. I don’t really know what we expected but it’s not that it’s full of twists and turns and joys and beautiful things but also really tough moments and all the in between.

I think the greatest thing about being a part of Kids Matter is just seeing the growth and the need as well. There’s such a need for there to be a safe space for parents to come and talk about the struggles that we go through and learn how to do things slightly different in a loving way in a loving space.

I’ve seen people transform from the beginning to the end. Every time I’ve gone through it myself, I’ve learned something else.

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