The Warm Welcome Campaign is fostering local connections and providing essential support across the UK, partnering with organisations like Kids Matter to create inclusive community spaces.

The Warm Welcome Campaign, a national initiative aimed at creating inclusive community spaces across the UK, has been making significant strides in fostering local connections and providing essential support to families. Partnering with various organisations, including Kids Matter, the campaign focuses on offering a warm and inviting environment for everyone, especially during challenging times.

The Role of Kids Matter in the Warm Welcome Campaign

As strategic partners, Kids Matter actively participates in monthly meetings, alongside other charities, to help shape the Warm Welcome Campaign’s strategy. We have also equipped churches and organisations with resources tailored for families to use in warm spaces. This collaboration aligns with Kids Matter’s vision to see every child in need raised in a strong family. Our parenting programmes, whilst not a solution to poverty, mitigate its impact by empowering parents and carers with the tools and support needed to provide a nurturing home environment, thus promoting the overall wellbeing, resilience and development of children.

Children who feel safe and secure at home are more likely to thrive. By leveraging the Warm Welcome Campaign’s extensive network, Kids Matter hopes to reach even more families facing disadvantages and make a tangible difference in their lives.

Achievements and Impact

The Warm Welcome Campaign’s recent Impact Report for 2023/24 highlights the remarkable progress made in the past year. Warm Welcome Spaces have hosted 120,000 guests every week during winter, showcasing the campaign’s critical role in supporting communities. The report includes inspiring stories from guests and volunteers, demonstrating the profound effect these spaces have on individuals and communities alike.

The four-page “Year in Numbers” spread provides additional insights, revealing the extensive reach and positive outcomes of the campaign. These achievements underscore the importance of the Warm Welcome initiative and the collective effort of partners, funders, and volunteers.

The Warm Welcome Campaign’s Five-Year Strategy

Inspired by the impact of local community spaces, the Warm Welcome Campaign has outlined an ambitious five-year strategy aimed at establishing itself as a vital piece of social infrastructure in the UK. This strategy envisions a network of community spaces that operate year-round, fostering hope and reconnection among people from all walks of life.

Key highlights of the new strategy include:

  1. Creating Connected Communities: The campaign aims to build local, regional, and national communities of connection, ensuring that everyone has access to a Warm Welcome Space close to their home.
  2. Resource Accessibility: Providing Warm Spaces with the necessary resources they need to thrive, ensuring they can serve their communities effectively.
  3. Storytelling for Change: Using compelling narratives to promote positive change and raise awareness about the importance of Warm Welcome Spaces.
  4. Sustainability and Inclusivity: Striving to be a sustainable, inclusive, and trusted organisation, committed to fostering a deeply connected society.

The strategy also addresses a significant challenge: despite 62% of the population living within a 30-minute walk of a local space, only 18% are aware of these facilities. Over the next five years, the campaign aims to increase awareness and ensure that 100% of the population can find a Warm Welcome Space in their neighbourhood.

Looking Ahead

As the Warm Welcome Campaign moves forward with its new strategy, the call for collaboration is stronger than ever. Partner organisations, communities, and individuals are invited to join the movement and help create a UK where everyone has access to welcoming community spaces filled with human warmth – companionship and conversation.

By working together, we can build a more connected and inclusive society, ensuring that every person, regardless of their background, has a place to feel welcome and supported. For more information on partnering with Kids Matter, visit, and to get involved with the Warm Welcome Campaign, click here.

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