We’re committed to providing high-quality training

Training is vital for delivering effective programmes


All group facilitators undergo a rigorous four-day training delivered by our team of accredited ICF coaches to ensure the programme is delivered effectively.

Why training?

At Kids Matter our focus is on delivering early intervention which requires all our facilitators to be trained in both the theory behind the material and the delivery style of the material. Our training provides a place for facilitators to grow in confidence enabling them to run effective parenting programmes in their local communities, which will see true transformation for children and families.  

How it works

Facilitator training is delivered online by trained coaches (accredited by ICF) and totals 18 hours, across 4 days (9:30am-3pm). Topics covered include:  

  • Theories behind the programme 
  • Understanding the impact of ACEs and what can help to reduce the impact of ACEs 
  • How to use our materials and develop facilitation skills. 

Our training style is interactive, with group discussions, questions and role-play that allows trainees to practice facilitation skills. Everyone has their videos on and remains unmuted throughout the training so that we can create an environment that reflects in person training. 

The Kids Matter Facilitator Training - Online Training Course is accredited by CPD. Certificate No: A036799.

“The Support Coaches work with you to grow your strengths and face your fears and weaknesses so you go into your first group with all the tools and faith that you need.”
Janette, facilitator

“The Kids Matter programme has been transformational for the families that have been part of it, and is an integral part of our school community.”

Janette, recently trained facilitator

Frequently asked questions

How do I get trained?
How much does the training cost?
Does training run in my area?
When is the next training? 

We’d love to talk with you about how we could partner together and include you in our training. If you’d like to explore this further, please email partnership@kidsmatter.org.uk

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