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Kids Matter online

We’ve seen Whatsapp groups thrive during online programmes as parents rally around one another as they have bad days or exciting behaviour breakthroughs with their kids.

Why early intervention matters

More than 600 mentally ill children a week are deteriorating to such a state that they have reached crisis point. Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) are struggling to meet the need, with many children stuck on a waiting list for around five months. Could Kids Matter have a role to play in early intervention support for children and families?

New research shows importance of franchising for Christian organisations responding to poverty in the UK

Social franchising has provided the opportunity for organisations to gather local data on the causes and existence of poverty in the UK and to use this data for national campaigning, including to influence national UK government policymaking.

Why family traditions build strong relationships

All that we consider important (our values and beliefs) are brought to life through the traditions in our families, whether it’s planning an event, cooking a special meal, or celebrating a birthday. These types of activities are opportunities for children to connect with their family history, culture, and heritage, fostering a sense of identity and belonging.

New report outlines solutions for child poverty crisis

In the face of insurmountable pressure, vulnerable children and young people find themselves increasingly isolated. Yet, amidst this challenging landscape, a beacon of hope remains clear: the critical role of support services accessed by these households.

CAP and Kids Matter come alongside families together

By pooling knowledge and expertise, partnerships can provide a wider range of services and support, from education and healthcare to social services, parenting, and job training. This multi-pronged approach ensures that families receive tailored assistance, breaking down barriers and promoting sustainable change.

fundraising for Kids Matter

Why I ran a half-marathon for Kids Matter: Karen’s story

I ran, walked, cried and sweated – giving up altogether at least twice, starting again – to get up to speed to be able to do this. And now I have, and I am also proud to have raised money for Kids Matter.

Our first Great River Race – we did it!

Thank you to all who cheered us on and sponsored our rowing team so generously in support of our vision to see every child in need raised in a strong family.

Why parent support could see an increase in school attendance

A great deal of pressure is placed on Headteachers and classroom teachers to cajole children into school when, in reality, the people with the greatest amount of influence in a child’s life are their parents and carers. One way to relieve the burden on schools to keep child numbers up is to support parents who are struggling to send their children to school.

boy sitting in a classroom at school
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