2022 was challenging, marked by the cost of living crisis and the aftermath of Covid-19, with massive strain placed on many families who were already struggling to get by. Yet as the need increased, so too did our impact.

Last year, we ran 72 programmes, reaching 413 parents which ultimately meant we impacted 891 children in need. This is the greatest number of children over one year that we’ve reached to date, and has only been possible through our partnership with the local church and their links to schools, community centres, health visitors (and more) within the community. These pre-existing relationships have enabled more families to access Kids Matter programmes, resulting in more children being given the opportunity to thrive.

Kids Matter Impact Report 2022

A key difference for us this year, compared to the last two, is that we are now running programmes entirely in person; our online version was essential during the pandemic but relationships and community are important for developing and maintaining not only friendships but confidence and support in parenting.

All too often, a bleak picture has been drawn across society, but we want our voice to be one of hope. We know that when parents are equipped with the tools to build strong families, their children are more likely to thrive, even amidst challenging circumstances.

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