All that we consider important (our values and beliefs) are brought to life through the traditions in our families, whether it’s planning an event, cooking a special meal, or celebrating a birthday. These types of activities are opportunities for children to connect with their family history, culture, and heritage, fostering a sense of identity and belonging.

When families spend quality time together, children feel loved, and when children feel loved, they have the best chance to flourish in life.

In Session 6 (the final session) of our Kids Matter parenting programme, we encourage parents/carers to think about long-term hopes for their children as well as the values and beliefs they’d like to pass on, including special traditions that will help families bond.

Family celebrating Christmas

When families engage in regular, shared activities (traditions!) they create a space for active participation, collaboration and understanding. Not only do traditions require communication but also dedicated time and attention, which nurtures a sense of closeness as parents create lasting memories with their children.

By their very nature, traditions are consistent, providing a sense of predictability and comfort, especially when times are tough. Much like routines, the continuity and stability of family traditions keep children grounded when their world might feel out of control.

Children can also learn responsibility, accountability and the importance of contributing to the wellbeing of the family unit through acting out traditions. Every family is different and will have different values that they’d like to pass on to their children. What matters most is togetherness. Some traditions will be more serious and others will be exuberant and fun but either way, when family interactions are positive and meaningful (this does not mean perfect!), children will have positive associations with family time, enhancing a sense of familial warmth and love.

When parents/carers are proactive in sharing and teaching family values at home thus nurturing strong, supportive family relationships, children will be more resilient in the face of life and its challenges.

Is there a time when traditions in your home have helped you bond as a family? Please do share in the Comments below; we would love to hear from you! 


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