From the earliest times, society could only function by its members working together, and although modern living has made us vastly self-reliant, we are still human beings. Connection and belonging are essential to our wellbeing. Giving (time, money, skills) is one way to plug into community.

At Kids Matter, our monthly givers are a community of Family Champions, united in the common goal of reducing the impact of poverty on children. Regular giving makes the biggest impact because:

It helps us plan – knowing how much funding we can expect means we can plan ahead and make informed decisions about how best to resource our parenting programmes.

Kids Matter parenting group

It saves time and money – a predictable stream of funding means we can focus on greater community impact.

It amounts to more – according to The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019 report, people who give monthly are thought to provide charities with 440% more financial return over their lifetime than one-off donors. Wow!

Regular giving helps us, but it can also help you.

Smaller payments over the course of the year are often easier to manage budget-wise (as opposed to one big donation) and signing up to give monthly is also the most convenient way to make a difference.

Committing to a fixed amount each month means that you are invested in the cause. At Kids Matter, we love to share impact stories with our Family Champions, to show you how valuable your contributions are to the children who are impacted by our parenting programmes.

So, can you join us in a mission to reduce the impact of poverty on children? Sign up to become a Family Champion today!

Become a Family Champion by giving £13 a month

£13 a month provides the materials for a parent/carer to complete a Kids Matter programme, enabling their children to thrive.

Our evidence-informed materials designed by Clinical Psychologists specifically to reduce the impact of poverty.


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