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Our core 8-week accessible and effective Kids Matter programme for parents of 0-10 year olds, offers parents practical guidance and skills on how to make family life more successful in a safe and inviting community setting.

What does a Kids Matter parenting group look like?

Small groups of 4-8 parents meet within the local community with a lead facilitator and a helper or community link who knows the parents already and has invited them to attend.

Free crèche is provided and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming; set around a table laden with delicious food and coffee.

Our trained facilitators guide the group through the parenting material and also share their own highs and lows of parenting thus creating a safe space to share and learn through discussion and small group activities.

‘I knew that you could talk when you wanted to; it was kind of you were never forced to speak.. it was kind of there’s a subject and then you’d just find yourself wanting to get involved and the parents do as well and it was in a friendly environment so it wasn’t like a classroom’

At the end of the programme, parents report feeling more confident in their parenting, having better relationships with their children and reporting that family life is running more smoothly.

‘I realised I’m so kind to strangers but so rude and abrupt to my children, so my attitude towards how I treat them has completely changed, I’ve been reminded to use kind words’

As the programme is based within the community, ongoing relationships and reinforcing of values learned during the programme, are possible to maintain long after the end of the 6 weeks, thus reducing isolation for many parents.
During the 6 weeks, we cover the following:

Taster Session

Come and see what it’s like to be in a Kids Matter group

Session 1

Being a strong family: In this first session we take a bird’s eye view and look at who is in our ‘parenting team’ and can be a support as well as thinking about our goals for family life.

Session 2

Loving our children well: We then think about what our children need to feel loved, safe and taken care of; identifying their and our different love languages.

Session 3

Play, encouragement and listening: In this session we have fun role playing how to listen well to our children as well as why and how to play with them and encourage them.

Session 4

Routines, choices and rewards: Before we tackle different ways of disciplining our children effectively, we look at how to reduce nagging and improve the daily running of our families.

Session 5

Family rules and consequences: This session is where we look at setting family rules that we can stick to so our children can feel safe and flourish.

Session 6

The bigger picture: At the end of the programme we step back and look at our values and traditions that we want to pass down to our children and what are their next steps for independence.

Booster session

Checking in 3 months later: At the 3 month mark, we gather the group again to troubleshoot and celebrate successes.

You can have a look at sample pages for facilitators and guests from our Kids Matter 0-10yrs old programme here:

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