child poverty

boy sitting in a classroom at school

Why parent support could see an increase in school attendance

A great deal of pressure is placed on Headteachers and classroom teachers to cajole children into school when, in reality, the people with the greatest amount of influence in a child’s life are their parents and carers. One way to relieve the burden on schools to keep child numbers up is to support parents who are struggling to send their children to school.

parenting group for mums and dads with babies

Babies Matter has officially launched!

Babies Matter is a 6-week parenting programme for new and expectant parents who are facing disadvantages. Run by a trained peer facilitator, the programme aims to help parents to lay the foundations needed in order to raise their children in a strong family.

parenting programme for families facing disadvantages

How we spend your money

It’s important to us that our supporters know that we’re spending our funding wisely – we want to be transparent about how we use your donations to reduce the impact of poverty on children in need.

Little girl with blue shirt and glasses playing with her mum

Why give to Kids Matter?

Kids Matter gets to the heart of the issue. Research has shown that improving the parent-child relationship has the greatest influence on reducing the impact of poverty on children. The most effective early intervention to help strengthen families (and help children) is group-based parenting programmes.

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